Stress Testing

The financial turmoil in the last few years have led and are still leading to strict regulatory requirements for Risk Management in Banking. For assessing the impacts of various economic and political worst case scenarios banks are forced to establish a stress-testing framework for their overall risk position including credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk and other risks […]

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Electronic Communication Surviellance

A recent swathe of trading scandals has spurred big banks to turn to new technology and data sources as they attempt to crackdown on illegal behaviour by their staff. ¬†Solutions are becoming more sophisticated with algorithms and artificial intelligence being used to identify patterns of speech and networks of contacts as opposed to merely catching keywords. ¬†A lot of times, […]

Retail Fraud Detection

Retail fraud can range from fraud in returns or abuse of customer service, or credit risk for larger purchases, based on, for example, uncovering fraud rings, social media activity of customers and detecting patterns. It can also be major security breaches putting private customer information at risk. Retailers need to protect their margins and their reputations by proactively detecting fraudulent […]

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