The core offering is the fraXses Framework, which was created to address the issues business are facing around the ever-increasing data volumes,  data complexity and advances in technology.   A new approach to data and transactional systems has been required.  fraXses delivers this new approach to IT application development and analytics, with the uniqueness of a radical Metadata methodology which is eliminating up to 80 – 90% of traditional IT development effort. Resolving these challenges is about helping clients develop into a data driven business.

fraXses Components



Platform in which several databases appear to function as a single entity through a federated database approach.



Metadata repository that captures, manages and publishes rich metadata, becoming an active participant in the application.



Automated data relationship discovery and an automated schema discovery engines designed to simplify the introduction of new data sources.



Real-time visualisation and analytics, utilising wide range of libraries and statistical techniques.



Automated rules and decision making engine for real-time solutions to business challenges.



Speech recognition software converts voice to text for detailed analysis of voice calls.



Securing data in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, through data encryption, key management, access policies, privileged user control, and security intelligence.

tech-multi-lingual text


Extracting meaningful intelligence from unstructured text and improving the accuracy of search, text mining, link analysis, fuzzy name matching through advanced linguistics.



Takes your company’s phone calls and turns them into smart data using “World’s Fastest” Speech to Text Engine

Federated Big Data Application Framework

While using our metadata methodology we produce an application in which several databases appear to function as a single entity.  Each component database in the system is completely self-sustained and functional. When an application queries the federated framework, the system figures out which of its component databases contains the data being requested and passes the request to it. This application framework uses federated databases, which can be thought of as database virtualisation.

A federated database is composed of a mixed collection of databases, which allows applications to look at data in a more unified way without having to duplicate it across databases or make multiple queries and manually combine the results.

  • It is a type of meta-database management system (FDMS)
  • It transparently maps multiple autonomous database systems into a single federated database (providing the perception of a data lake to the user)
  • It is geographically agnostic
  • Is also known as a virtual database
  • … think ‘United’ – we unite your data in unique ways and embed your IP in the fraPses platform


The fraXses metadata methodology uses an application framework to provide a repository that captures, manages and publishes rich metadata, becoming an active participant in the application. This methodology uses a metadata repository that is both the custodian of the data and business rule definitions. The metadata also enforces any predefined rules. When rule definition and enforcement is the responsibility of one entity – the metadata repository – it ensures maximum data security and therefore data  and application maintenance is reduced.  The framework ensures that the applications are never hard coded, simply metadata driven.

A metadata framework –

  • Unlocks the value of your investment in big data
  • Provides you with the building blocks to architect your own big data solutions
  • Simplifies data complexity
  • Is not a threat to your current technology or existing investments
  • Is the A-Z answer for solution architects

fraXses is an innovative and disruptive data framework software company specialising in Data Management, Analytical Software Development, Machine Learning and Smart Data advice. The fraXses platform is deployed in the cloud or on premises across a number of servers, depending on specific requirements.  Our services and capabilities include; Structured and unstructured data, hybrid, relational, SQL and in-memory columnar Databases, Apache Big Data technology and the creation of IP and custom business applications. We work in most major industries including Finance, Insurance, Payments, Gaming, Utilities, Auto, Tech/Internet, Retail, Telecommunications, Web, Travel, Military/Government, and Manufacturing.