fraXses Services

As your fraXses system grows, it’s critical that your infrastructure and architecture is sustainable and scalable. Our Professional Services team can help you understand and adopt best practices for your enterprise deployment. We arrange our services around the fraXses Deployment Methodology, which provides an iterative framework for analysing, planning, and deploying fraXses for your specific needs.

The methodology is built around:

  • Use case discovery and definition, infrastructure and architecture design
  • Search, reports, and alerts design
  • Data collection and on-boarding, implementation, and tuning
  • Delivery to users, developers and external systems
  • Data comprehension, enrichment and normalisation

Complementing the fraXses software, its flexibility and its extensibility, it is intended to rapidly achieve value and to help you continuously increase the value of your fraXses system after the initial deployment.

We deliver a variety of services to help our client’s staff with deploying and extending fraXses systems. These include:

  • Implementation services over the full deployment lifecycle
  • System health optimisation and best practices reviews
  • Deployment workshops
  • Upgrade services

All of these services are delivered by our team which has many years of experience working in many client sites.

fraXses Support

fraXses offers Enterprise and Global Support Service levels, to ensure your success with fraXses and to resolve your issues quickly.

Enterprise Support

Direct access to our Customer Support Team by phone and the ability to manage your cases online.

Global Support

24x7x365 support for critical issues, a dedicated resource to manage your account and quarterly review of your deployments.


fraXses has a proven track record of delivering comprehensive training for our clients across our range of services. We have found that simply using fraXses is only part of what our clients need. It is critical that they benefit from being trained on how to work with it in the context of the data that they use to do their jobs. We work to help ensure that the users embrace fraXses as part of their woking practice and enjoy working within the fraXses environment. To achieve this we work with the users to understand what the most important functions are and understand how fraXses will help them complete their work more easily. This enables us to tailor the training to the users requirements and ensure that the use of fraXses is more pervasive within your organisation.

Big Analytics

Technical Training

Comprehensive training is offered for both the installation and initial set up of the fraXses solution.

Data Scientists

Data Scientists

fraXses offers consultancy from our team of data scientists to help your organisation capitalise on the data environment within your organisation.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

fraXses offers a range of training in advanced analytics to support your organisation’s exploration of your data lake or repositories.

fraXses is an innovative and disruptive software company specialising in Data Management, Analytical Software Development, Machine Learning and Smart Data advice. Our services and capabilities include; Structured and unstructured data, hybrid, relational, SQL and in-memory columnar Databases, Apache Big Data technology and the creation of IP and custom business applications. We work in most major industries including Finance, Insurance, Payments, Gaming, Utilities, Auto, Tech/Internet, Retail, Telecommunications, Web, Travel, Military/Government, and Manufacturing.