Single source of the truth

Do you have multiple versions of the single version of the truth?
What if we didn’t have to search through all those varied, often-contradictory, deceptively complex, mixed-legacy source systems?  What if we could simply get to the authoritative version of the data and feed it back to our operational systems and analytics applications? What if we had a tool to automate all of this?While […]

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Golden Source

Finding the single source of truth in corporate data
Traditionally, organisations struggled to achieve this goal because their customer data was lying in multiple systems and different file formats (PDFs, Word and Excel documents, charts, images, scans, videos, etc.).   Technology was seen as a limiting factor to integrate this scattered and massive data and meet the business goals.  fraXses brings […]

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Federation in full flight in online gambling – securely


Create a single view of disparate encrypted data sets across the network which will offer the same level of functionality that would be possible from a Master Data Warehouse.  In addition the system must allow real-time analysis of player behaviour and provide and automated, yet personalised set of promotions to increase player engagement.


Users based in London
Config team in […]

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