Enhancing M&A data management

Once a target firm is bought, the most difficult job of the acquirer begins: to create the value that was expected from the deal through successful integration of the companies’ operations.  Whatever the acquirer’s strategy, combining two firms will often constitute a challenging task for management.  The acquirer must implement synergies to create value while simultaneously managing issue to avoid […]

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Federation in full flight in online gambling – securely


Create a single view of disparate encrypted data sets across the network which will offer the same level of functionality that would be possible from a Master Data Warehouse.  In addition the system must allow real-time analysis of player behaviour and provide and automated, yet personalised set of promotions to increase player engagement.


Users based in London
Config team in […]

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Agile BI and data solutions

Guest article by Steven Offen
Can we deliver BI and data solutions Agile? Not doing things the way we have been!
I have spent many years trying to perfect agile delivery in Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) environments. What I have always struggled with is how you line up all the teams needed, at the same time, to be truly agile.

Usually, you have […]

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Death of the traditional Data Warehouse

Guest article by Steven Offen

I have recently been on training for a new federated data platform solution called fraXses. The promise was that the solution could consolidate data from any data source without any ETL development simply by using a configuration GUI. These solutions have been spoken about for many years but this is the first I have seen, that […]

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