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fraXses and MiFID II
Today, MiFID II is undoubtedly the main point of focus for financial services providers. Coming into force on January the 3rd 2018, every MiFID responsible compliance officer or project manager is supposed to be finalising necessary organisational changes, and will soon be implementing regulatory tools that are required to become compliant.Both the complexity and magnitude of new […]

By |June 20th, 2017|Compliance, Data federation, Federation, Financial Markets|

Assurance in real time

Real-time Audit

Real-time auditing will play an increasingly key role in the future. This involves federating data sources and using sophisticated computer programs that run continuously to identify exceptions or anomalies, analyse patterns within the digits of key numeric fields, review trends and test controls.

Currently, most organisational communication in the market is unassured.  That is, there is no auditor involvement when a […]

By |May 20th, 2017|Analytics, Compliance, Data, Fraud, Regulatory, Risk|


Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May, 2016 and B2C businesses operating in the EU (and even post Brexit UK) have until May, 2018 to ensure their compliance to the requirements set out by this new customer data protection regulation. With fines as high as up to four percent […]

By |April 20th, 2017|Compliance, Data, GDPR, Regulatory|

Enhancing M&A data management

Once a target firm is bought, the most difficult job of the acquirer begins: to create the value that was expected from the deal through successful integration of the companies’ operations.  Whatever the acquirer’s strategy, combining two firms will often constitute a challenging task for management.  The acquirer must implement synergies to create value while simultaneously managing issue to avoid […]

By |March 20th, 2017|Data, Data federation, Data Ingestion|

Public Data Sources

I am often asked by clients where can they find public datasets for analysis and for inclusion in their own data analytics. This brief list of eleven key sources shows the range of data available via some key national and international organisations. Most of this data is freely available and updated regularly as new data becomes available.

Some of these datasets are […]

By |February 20th, 2017|Data|

Big Data tools to ditch in 2017

Guest Article by Andrew C. Oliver in which he outlines the 7 Big Data tools to ditch in 2017.We’ve been on this big data adventure for a while. Not everything is still shiny and new anymore. In fact, some technologies may be holding you back. Remember, this is the fastest-moving area of enterprise tech — so much so that some software acts […]

By |December 20th, 2016|Tools|

It’s not too late to start now

Federation University Australia (FedUni) operates in a competitive market where fee deregulation and pure online providers are among the factors that challenge enrolment numbers and drive the requirement to halt the decline in student retention.  This is where one of the core principles in IT is key – Information is an asset.

 The university sits on plenty of data but that […]

By |January 20th, 2017|Education, KYC|

Single source of the truth

Do you have multiple versions of the single version of the truth?
What if we didn’t have to search through all those varied, often-contradictory, deceptively complex, mixed-legacy source systems?  What if we could simply get to the authoritative version of the data and feed it back to our operational systems and analytics applications? What if we had a tool to automate all of this?While […]

By |November 20th, 2016|Analytics, Data, Federation, Virtualisation|

Becoming a data driven company

What is a data-driven company?
It is an organisation where every person who can use data to make better decisions, has access to the data they need, when they need it. It is about giving the business decision makers the power to explore data independently, even if they’re working with complex or disparate data sources.

Data driven companies relentlessly measure and monitor […]

By |October 20th, 2016|Data|