fraXses: Business Applications

fraXses has created a range of market specific, business focused applications to address challenges that were not easily solvable by traditional systems. Some of these are listed below, while others remain under wraps for our clients.  The examples below provide a glimpse into our capabilities, where we help our client to capture, collect and analyse data so they can spot emerging opportunities quickly enough to act on them.

Voice Analytics


Takes your company’s phone calls (and email and IM) and turns them into smart data using the worlds fastest speech to text engine, enabling real-time analysis for compliance and surveillance teams. 

Fraud Analytics


Designed to dramatically cut cash flowing into to criminal enterprise, from payments and money laundering by identifying fraud risks and emerging fraud types.

Gaming Analytics


Real-time analytics for online and land based gambling.  Providing the operators with opportunities for marketing intervention and a chance to enhance the overall player experience.

Risk Analytics


Delivering real-time risk analytics to investors who are demanding greater transparency and risk management as they are faced with increased regulation.

Cyber Analytics


Enabling analysis across all data silos in real-time.  Using pattern recognition, machine learning and neural programming to link threat modelling and risk analysis.

Customer Acquisition Retention Churn

Customer ARC

Customer Acquisition, Retention and Churn – using statistical models, machine learning, data mining and modelling to study recent historical data, thus allowing predictions.

Telco Analytics


Providing telecom companies the analytics capabilities to become more competitive and help reverse recent declines in revenue and profit levels through creative combinations of offers to customers.

Retail Analytics


Utilises statistical, modelling, data mining, and machine learning techniques to study recent and historical data, allowing retailers to make more accurate predictions.



Capitalise on insurance specific logical and physical data models to deliver real-time risk analytics. Benefiting from the advanced machine learning and predictive capabilities.

Social Media Analytics


From sentiment analysis to monitoring social media feeds, fraXses uses advanced analytics to track emerging trends or changes in perceptions to deliver valuable insights.

trade Reconstruction

Trade Reconstruction

Combining all communication channels, trade and other market data sources to be seamlessly used by compliance and surveillance teams to recreate the moment in time across multiple data streams in real-time.

Machine 2 Machine - IoT


Used in areas of M2M, smart grids and remote monitoring, the fraXses solution makes real-time analytics across the different data silos simple.  Allowing the output to be part of another system rather than just for human consumption.


fraXses is an innovative and disruptive software company specialising in Data Management, Analytical Software Development, Machine Learning and Smart Data advice. Our services and capabilities include; Structured and unstructured data, hybrid, relational, SQL and in-memory columnar Databases, Apache Big Data technology and the creation of IP and custom business applications. We work in most major industries including Finance, Insurance, Payments, Gaming, Utilities, Auto, Tech/Internet, Retail, Telecommunications, Web, Travel, Military/Government, and Manufacturing.