Create a single view of disparate encrypted data sets across the network which will offer the same level of functionality that would be possible from a Master Data Warehouse.  In addition the system must allow real-time analysis of player behaviour and provide and automated, yet personalised set of promotions to increase player engagement.


  • Users based in London
  • Config team in Sydney
  • Streaming real-time data from South Africa – 200,000+ events per second
  • Player data from Latvia – current & historical data with spend, gaming and promotions history
  • Financial data from off-shore site
  • fraXses housed on AWS in Ireland
  • Data lake created in Ireland
  • Data stored in multiple locations secured by highly secure Vormetric Transparent Encryption


fraXses was deployed into the cloud from a data centre based in Ireland, enabling the config team to access the servers from their offices in Sydney, Australia.  The main data sets were located in three remote locations; South Africa, Latvia and Offshore, this was supplemented with data from the users location in London. All sensitive information within the cloud was encrypted and controlled to only be accessible by the authorised personnel and systems. fraXses enabled the data objects, created by the config team in Sydney, to federate the data from the remote locations, while pulling some of the data into the data lake in Ireland and leaving other data in situ. The users in London were then able to complete analysis of live player activity, compare it with historical behaviour and create a series of alerts, triggers and actions to enhance the player experience. The config team consisted of two business analysts and took less than a week to configure the system to the client’s specific requirements.  The fraXses platform was configured to cope with huge spikes in data with no loss of performance and no loss of data.

The immediate benefit for the client was in securely delivering profit and loss data, for all aspects of the operation, on a streaming basis to the business, regardless of location, something that had only previously been available on a daily basis.