Enterprises are beginning to realise the important role “big data” plays in achieving business goals. Concepts that used to be difficult for companies to comprehend— factors that influence a customer to make a purchase, behaviour patterns that point to fraud or misuse, inefficiencies slowing down business processes—now can be understood and addressed by collecting and analysing big data.  The insight gained from such analysis helps organisations improve operations and identify new product and service opportunities that they may have otherwise missed.

This is enhanced through well innovative visualisation solutions.  Having visualisation tools that allow the user to transact with the data, enables more than just bringing actionable insights to the surface.

By enabling users to more effectively see connections between operations and business performance in real-time users and organisations are more likely to find the information they need, when they need it and do so more productively than others.

fraXses enables the use of established data visualisation libraries, such as the d3 library, which helps users to communicate information more effectively, it also allows them to detect patterns, trends and correlations in their businesses that might otherwise go undetected.  fraXses is happy to connect to any visualisation library, capitalising on your exiting investments.