fraXses is:

a federated data application framework, that enables data from anywhere, to be used by humans and machines – not just analytics or business applications. Totally driven by metadata to remove the need for 80% of development effort. We show business that it is possible to use data to make a difference. It is about using algorithms and machine learning to process data more quickly and seamlessly to get insights and answers when and where they are needed.

fraXses delivers an intelligent platform…

that provides a data virtualisation and federation framework that utilises a unique configuration driven methodology.  It will discover data sources such as schema or schema-less databases, files and streaming data, then propose possible links between data sets and streams.  It executes the federated query to provide a corporate data pedigree (or schema) across all technology platforms. 

fraXses provides the user with the experience of working with a single corporate relational database, no matter what technologies are behind it.  With its intelligent data lake approach and in-memory capabilities, together with its storage mechanisms for big data, it secures its place in the world of real-time analytics, pluggable machine learning and Al environments.

What we offer…

At fraXses we know that your business challenges are about more than just data and analytics.

Our data virtualisation and federation framework utilises a unique configuration driven methodology to deliver a solution that overcomes the data silo and big data challenges organisations face, without development challenges.  With its total configuration approach in complex data environments, it is designed to deliver results that were not previously achievable.





Applications created for specific business requirements.


Technology and components that drive fraXses.


Services, Support and Training offered by fraXses.

Use Cases

fraXses in action, business focused use cases.

fraXses is an innovative and disruptive data framework software company specialising in Data Management, Analytical Software Development, Machine Learning and Big Complex Data advice. Our services and capabilities include; Structured and unstructured data, hybrid, relational, SQL and in-memory columnar Databases, Apache Big Data technology and the creation of IP and custom business applications. fraXses is deployed behind your firewall, on premises or in the cloud. Offered as a service or licensed.  We work in most major industries including Finance, Insurance, Payments, Gaming, Utilities, Auto, Tech/Internet, Retail, Telecommunications, Web, Travel, Military/Government, and Manufacturing.

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